DEKINES scheduling features:

  • – An easy-to-use application on your desktop, android, or IOS.

DEKINES is a scheduling software and mobile application where all your team members and staff are always connected. It is ridiculously simple to assign shifts to your employees. DEKINES offers an exquisite feature of displaying your employees’ skills and qualifications in the platform to schedule your staff according to your needs and goals, so you can make sure you always have the right people at the right place at the right time.

  • – Shift and schedule templates or auto-scheduling.

All you have to do is create a new shift, choose whom you would like to assign the shift to, choose the time and date, and then just post the shift. There are templates of shifts and schedules you can use in the platform or you can use auto-scheduling.

  • – Shifts and schedule easily replicated and edited.

Already made shifts can be replicated, edited, and re-used so that you save more time making other shifts by using your phone or desktop. You can also easily create, replicate, and edit your week’s schedule.

  • – New shifts easily filled by choosing from the list of interested employees.

And if you get any time-off requests from your staff, you can easily browse your team using the platform where you can see each employee’s shifts, availability, and skills and then choose the suitable alternative without having to make a single phone call or sending messages.

  • – Notifications sent to your staff of new shifts, updates, and important notes.

When you assign new shifts, all your employees are then consequently notified in text, email, and the app of the new shift added. The updated schedules and shifts are always easily accessed by the employees through the mobile application.

  • – Shifts and tasks tracked for you and easily accessed.

You can also share available shifts with your staff on DEKINES platform and then you can choose whom you would like to fill these shifts from a list of interested members.

  • – Alerts sent to you of any updates: attendance, time-off requests, swapping shifts, and so forth.

Alerts are sent to you when one of the employees is late or about to reach overtime. And likewise, you can track the completion of shifts or tasks.

  • – Approve or disapprove time-off requests or shift swapping using your phone.

Rest assured you won’t be short-staffed with our platform. Your staff, after your confirmation, can easily swap their shifts with other eligible team members using a very sophisticated Algorithm.

  • – Periodical insights into your spending and income to have the most cost-effective staff.

DEKINES give you insights into your monthly and annual wages and sales, so you can easily control your costs accordingly. You can shape your labor-to-sales ratio as much as you’d like by making sure you have cost-effective coverage of shifts.

  • – Easily designed meal and rest breaks.

With DEKINES, you can make sure you give your employees work-life balance with our easily created breaks. You can simply add meal and rest breaks, or any type of breaks, into your shifts and you never have to worry about break compliance or coverage. DEKINES makes sure your staff gets their breaks and comply with them.

  • – Limits created on working hours to avoid employees’ fatigue or overtime.

A lot of employee’s experience stress and fatigue due to working for a tremendous amount of hours. DEKINES gives you the advantage of setting limits on how many hours an employee can work either daily or weekly. You can put limits on your employees’ shifts and we send you alerts if those limits are about to be reached so that you reduce overtime.

  • – Labor forecasting.

DEKINES offers the powerful tool of labor forecasting which gives you insights about your labor and consequently predicts the needs and challenges that your company might have to face in the future.

DEKINES also allows you to display your employees’ performance. You can track your staff attendance and assign shifts and tasks accordingly.

DEKINES is specifically designed to accommodate teams of any size and in any location. It is perfectly created to be easily scaled to accommodate bigger teams or teams in other locations.


Stop wasting your time and turn your employees’ clocks on!

Manual logging of employees has a lot of downsides. It usually takes time and effort, is not accurate, can be fabricated, and is old-fashioned. We often hear of time theft and some employees claiming they deserve more money because they worked more. DEKINES time tracking fixes all those issues and more!

DEKINES time tracking helps you promote your company’s or team’s productivity. It doesn’t interrupt your employees’ creative flow when they are working and it prevents relying on memory, which is very inaccurate, for calculating how many hours were worked. So DEKINES time tracking does all the work for you and your team. In that way, DEKINES creates extremely accurate invoices for your clients, monitors how many hours are spent by each employee on a specific task, and also makes sure that the cost of a specific task isn’t more than what it brings in. So as we have discussed, the accuracy that DEKINES implements into your system not only gains your clients’ trust, but also makes your business grow successfully. The data DEKINES collects tells you exactly how time is spent in your company, which leaves room for you to analyze, find areas you can make better, and consequently, you can improve your business. DEKINES allows you to configure the different types of breaks, either they are paid or unpaid. Now, you can send your accurate payrolls to your employees.

Features of DEKINES time tracking:

  • – A very easy-to-use platform and phone user-friendly.

DEKINES is easy to use and phone user-friendly, so you can track your employees’ shifts and locations and fix any possible problems from your phone without ever having to log on to a computer.

  • – Employees clock in and out of each shift easily from their phones.

Each employee using DEKINES platform can turn their smartphone into his/her logbook to clock in and out of every shift or task he/she has. Once they clock in, the time clock in the application starts to work in real-time and accurately counts how many hours worked

  • – Extremely accurate invoices made automatically for each person.

Now, DEKINES stored the hours and shifts worked by each employee and a lot of different data to use to analyze and consequently maximize accuracy. Then, DEKINES calculates the hours and wages for each employee including breaks, PTO, and overtime.

  • – Alerts sent to managers and team leaders when employees clock in and out and if an employee is late or absent.

You don’t have to be in the same place when your employees’ clock in and out of their shifts. DEKINES send you alerts when one of your employees’ clock in or out. You can also get alerts when your employees are late for their shifts or didn’t show up at all.

  • – Managers and team leaders can view their employees’ locations using GPS or snap pictures.

DEKINES also gives you the opportunity to use GPS and take pictures to know your employees’ locations or who is clocking in respectively.

  • – Accurate timesheets that make payroll easy.

You can use the dashboard to get detailed timesheets, break down your employees’ hours by client, and simplify your time management.

  • – A feature-rich dashboard where you can analyze data of timesheets.

DEKINES time tracking provides you with a very innovative dashboard that is feature-rich.

  • – A sophisticated algorithm that self-corrects errors in time tracking.

It also operates using a very developed algorithm that helps identify errors in time tracking and fix them when possible.

  • – Reminders sent to employees who forget to clock in.

DEKINES automatically send alerts and reminders to employees who forget to clock in before starting their shifts.

  • – Automatic clocking out for employees when they stop working.

DEKINES offers the feature of automatically clocking out of shifts for employees who forget to clock out so that it ensures very accurate invoices.

  • – Preventing overtime and setting limits for the number of hours that can be worked.

DEKINES helps you control your spending via reducing time theft, controlling overtime, and finally setting labor to sales targets. It does that by preventing early clock-ins and automatically clocking out.

  • – Easily set different pay rates for different roles.

You can also specify multiple different pay rates according to the different positions in your team. It also allows managers and team leaders to put limits to prevent overtime.

  • – Editable time tracking means accurately calculated wages for each employee.

DEKINES has this fantastic feature that ensures time tracking is fair for you and your employees. It allows you to edit the time tracked for each employee whether to cut some time or to add time blocks. What if you leave the clock working when you take off to have your lunch? DEKINES help you fix this error in time tracking to cut and correct it. The same is true if you start working, but forgot to clock in.

  • – Data stored in DEKINES can be used to track labor vs sales to analyze and maximize profit.

Periodically, you can use the data stored by DEKINES to track labor vs sales and set your monthly and annual targets. DEKINES help you save a lot of time every week with timesheets that record every detail and change and store them in one place.

  • – Periodically created reports displaying the metrics of every employee.

You can also use DEKINES to create daily, weekly, or monthly reports that display the metrics of each employee so that they can make their work more efficient.


















3. COLABORATIVE SHCEDULING or Team Communication 

With DEKINES, your whole team is always on the same page!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” This is the core of teamwork. We believe working in a team can produce and create amazing work. So team communication is the key to successful teamwork. Team members need to argue, discuss, and share opinions to ultimately reach the best solution for every obstacle. We at DEKINES took team communication to a whole new level. Managers can message employees, post important company updates, and send critical notes to different groups.

Team communication features:

  • -An easy-to-use in-app messenger.

A fast, innovative in-app messenger that connects the entire team together.

  • -A fast application and instant notifications.

The DEKINES application is so fast and notifications are sent instantly so there is no lag or work interruptions.

  • -Members and managers can send 1:1 messages and group messages.

Using the messenger, people working in the company can send private and group messages. Managers and team leaders can reach their entire team with a single message.

  • -Team members can quickly make new groups for urgent purposes.

They can easily make new groups for urgent purposes such as everyone who has shifts today or everyone who missed more than three shifts and then communicate with such groups to reach an agreement.

  • -New members are automatically added to groups, so there is no wasted time on sending invitations or emails.

Once a group is created and the names of group members are written, new employees are automatically added to groups so you never have to waste time on sending invites or emails.

  • -Managers easily send reminders to employees who miss shifts or clock-outs.

With DEKINES, you can send useful reminders to your employees for their shifts, clock-outs, and shift updates.

  • -Team leaders can send important instructions and notes to members for their shifts.

Worry not whether updates, notes, and messages reach your employees or not. If one of your employees needs to be informed about instructions for his/ her shifts, it is easily sent through the DEKINES platform.

  • -All users are able to easily share files and documents.

Sharing files and documents between members is supported as well. Managers can send documents or important announcements to team members and know then they have signed or reviewed them.

  • -Users can monitor when their messages, posts, or notes have been viewed by other users.

In DEKINES, we value transparency above all, so team communication must be built on trust and accountability. We make it easy for managers to lead their teams. Managers and team leaders can see if and when team members viewed a certain message or schedule. And the other way around, your team members and employees can monitor when you view their time-off requests and other requests and if you have approved or rejected them.

  • -The software is safe and secure. The privacy of users can never be breached.

You never have to worry about the privacy of your team members. You bring all your team in a single secure and private platform and there is no need for phone numbers anymore.

  • -The messenger doesn’t need any personal information of the users.
  • New hires are automatically shown to the whole team.

You can also post the important updates and changes happening in the company.

The DEKINES app automatically shows new hires to the whole team.

  • -Employees can leave their feedback after shifts for the managers to know the condition.

Also, employees can leave their feedback every time they clock out of their shifts. Managers can collect those feedbacks to know how the condition is and try to fix it if there were negative feedbacks or augment it if there were positive feedbacks.

  • -Users can send shout-outs to each other for working well.

Members can also send each other shout-outs for well-done tasks to keep up the momentum.

  • -Members can post shift swaps and shift covering and managers can approve or decline.

The application also allows members to post about shift swapping and covering to know who is interested and eventually send the requests to managers and team leaders. Managers can also move the logbooks to be viewed by everyone in the team. They can post critical updates in the team where everyone can view them.



  • DEKINES HR guidance will make managing your team easier than ever!

Are you tired of the amount of paperwork you have to go through? Are you sitting behind stacks of spreadsheets and files? DEKINES has the best solution for you. DEKINES automates the storage of data and makes it available for you to access anytime and anywhere.

Our perfect HR management software

No doubt that your workforce is the most valuable asset you have in your company. The skills, knowledge, and even personality of your employees is not only the key to your company success, but they can also direct you as a manager or a business owner into new areas that you have never thought before. As we have discussed, happy employees mean happy customers and of course, happy customers mean success. DEKINES HR system looks after your employees like never before. DEKINES makes sure the employees are doing their best and aren’t fatigued or burnt-out. DEKINES scheduling software makes sure everyone is working in their preferred times, prevents overtime, and allows easy shift swapping. It also ensures every employee is getting the right amount of breaks in-between their shifts. Also, DEKINES mobile application makes the communication between employees and managers much easier which builds trust and loyalty in the employees. Employees can easily contact their leaders and managers by private messaging. They can discuss the problems they’re facing, talk about their complaints, and ask for time-off to recharge.

Human resources feature:

  • -Store and organize your employees’ information such as contact, address, and payrolls.

DEKINES stores your employees’ information such as address, phone number, emergency contacts, payrolls, and much more. And keeps it in records that are easily accessed.

  • -Store employees’ documents and certificates and receive alerts when they reach their expiration date.

DEKINES also stores employees’ important documents and certificates and sends you alerts when employees’ certifications are about to expire.

  • -Easily send welcome packages to new members.

With DEKINES, you can automatically send welcome packets to onboard new members.

Employees’ well-being must be the priority of every company. When your employees feel well appreciated and not stressed, they can give their best to your business.

  • Keep records of how much time-off every employee requests and has left.

That is why we, at DEKINES, are concerned about time-offs whether they were paid or unpaid. We keep records of how much time each employee takes for time-off to measure any burnout or stress.

  • -Monitor reports and insights of the state of your employees.

We can also construct monthly or annual reports and insights about your employees’ condition through time-off. From there, managers can determine if they need to change company’s policies or augment them.

  • -Benefit from the best time-off tracker.

DEKINES manages time-offs in a very efficient way. You can customize your company’s policies and rules concerning time-offs and breaks. DEKINES tracks time-offs to prevent missed shifts, scheduling errors, and eventually costly payroll errors.

  • -Employees can view how much time-off they have left.

DEKINES demonstrates how much time-off an employee has, so they and managers can take wise decisions.

  • -Employees can easily send time-off requests to managers.

Employees can submit time-off requests filling in the time and date, reasons, and notes.

  • -Managers can approve or decline time-off requests.

Managers can now approve or decline time-off requests and they are presented with all the information they need to take a proper decision such as shift availability, deadlines, alternative employees, and so forth. 

  • -Time-off request notifications are sent to managers and their decisions are sent to employees.

Once employees submit time-off requests, notifications are instantly sent to the managers of those requests. Managers review the requests and give their final decision before the decision is sent to the employees.

  • -Managers can apply generalized time-off during public holidays.

Also, during public holidays, managers can apply generalized time-off for all or some employees simultaneously.

  • -Time-off can be controlled by setting time-off limits, black-out dates, and notice policies.

Managers can gain more control over time-off requests through creating request limits, black-out dates, and notice policies.

  • -PTOs are automatically added to timesheets to incorporate into payrolls.

DEKINES allows managers to automatically add paid-time-off (PTO) to timesheets to easily incorporate into employees’ payrolls.

  • -Managers are offered extensive HR resources, guidance, libraries, and templates.

DEKINES offers an amazing feature that makes HR compliance easier and more professional. DEKINES provides access for managers to our extensive HR templates, library, guides, and training. Managers can also contact our HR experts for one-on-one consultations. DEKINES HR experts can also review your HR company policies and give you suggestions and feedback.

  • -Employees can be screened for any type of disease or condition such as COVID-19 according to the company customized policies.

DEKINES offers a technique to protect your business and your employees’ health. You can customize policies concerning health screenings whether it is for the novel COVID-19 or other conditions or diseases. The software keeps records for those screenings of each of your employees and sends you notes about their performance.