Frequently asked questions


What is scheduling software?

A scheduling software is an innovative technology that automates the process of scheduling resources. This software is full of creative features and characteristics that make scheduling 100% accurate. Using this software, you can create your schedules in minutes and all your team will be on the same page.

It allows you to track employees working hours, control shift swaps, shape labor costs, and make communicating with your team much better and more efficient. This technology also helps you face time theft because your employees use the software to log in when they start work and are tracked until they finish. So it provides accurate-to-the-second data.

What is auto-scheduling?

Auto-scheduling is a fantastic feature busy managers and team leaders can use to create perfect work schedules with just a click of a button.

Can I link DEKINES with my other systems?

Sure! DEKINES has an API integration system that you can use to integrate your other systems smoothly. HR, accounting, and other types of systems of all brands can be easily integrated with DEKINES.

How are my employees notified of new shifts?

Employees and team members are notified of new shifts, tasks, updates, and important notes via Email, SMS, and in-app messages. Additionally, you can choose to enable the feature of shift confirmation by your employees. That means when you assign new shifts to an employee, they can either accept or reject it and you are immediately notified and presented with a list of possible alternatives with similar skills, but less busy.

When is it time to switch to DEKINES scheduling?

When you spend too much time and effort creating your schedules manually each week. DEKINES can make your life easier and actually improve your business productivity.

Why should I choose a scheduling software?

DEKINES runs your entire business smoothly. It makes sure you always have the right people at the right time for the customers. Your employees always know their shifts and tasks ahead of their start so that they can arrange their other commitments. So in brief, this software makes running a business or managing a team easier, more accurate, and fairer for everyone.

How many users can use DEKINES?

DEKINES can be used by as many users as you’d like. There is really no limit to how much you can scale your business with this technology.

Can all members and managers use their mobiles to access schedules?

Yes, employees can use their phones to display their due shifts and tasks and clock in. Also, managers can make schedules, assign shifts, track task completion, and respond to requests all done using their smartphones.

Why should I choose DEKINES over other scheduling softwares?

DEKINES has already helped a lot of companies reach their growth goals for proper planning and organizing of your staff means success. DEKINES is run by a dedicated team that is persistent and consistent and want to make a difference in this industry. DEKINES scheduling software is a part of DEKINES, which is a tech company specialized in developing management software solutions. DEKINES has long experience with management softwares in different industries.


What is a time tracking software?

A time tracking software is a technique that allows employees to easily clock in and out of their shifts and tasks so that their managers can track working hours and calculate payroll for employees who work for an hourly rate. It is an extremely accurate technique that helps you prevent time theft, save time on planning, save labor costs, and finally optimize your company’s productivity.

How does DEKINES time tracking calculate working hours?

Once an employee clocks in for a shift, DEKINES counts the time he/she worked until he/she clocks out. Then, DEKINES cut the amount of time an employee clocked out from the amount of time the employee clocked in. DEKINES also subtracts the time spent on breaks. So DEKINES gives you the total amount of hours worked every week or month for every employee so that you don’t have to worry about calculating anything. This way, you can focus more on other management tasks and duties instead of wasting your time on counting labor time and costs.

How accurate is DEKINES time tracking software?

DEKINES time tracking software is so accurate that it provides the exact amount of hours worked by each employee. It starts counting time as soon as the employee clocks in and if they forget to clock in, DEKINES sends them reminders to start their clocks. DEKINES also automatically clocks out when employees stop working. Also, breaks are taken into consideration to ensure employees don’t get exhausted. DEKINES notifies managers and team leaders whenever there is an error or a problem in the timesheet, and they can fix such problems by comparing assigned hours to the actual amount of hours worked by the employee. That way, DEKINES provides accurate and fair payrolls for employees.

How can you use automatic timesheets?

DEKINES stores every single detail you would like to know about your employees. For each employee, you can display the amount of hours worked, the locations where he/she worked, if he/she was late for their shift, when he/she requested time-off, and his/her skills, and cost. Finally, DEKINES can create weekly or monthly reports about your employees. You can also use the data to analyze and improve your company’s performance.

How to complete your timesheets with DEKINES?

Our timesheets are automated and are really smart and user-friendly. You won’t find any difficulty completing your timesheets for DEKINES takes the guesswork out of it. DEKINES automatically stores and shows you missed shifts, missed clock outs, and missed breaks for each employee so that you stay compliant. In that way, you can complete your timesheets without even using a calculator and in a very short time.

What can I use to access DEKINES time tracking software?

DEKINES time tracking software can be accessed by employees, managers, and team leaders through their computers or smartphones to ensure the most convenient method for each user.

How to encourage your employees to use DEKINES timesheets?

DEKINES is usually loved by employees because it fairly counts the hours they have worked. They can also easily access their profile to know their scheduled shifts, hours they worked, and hours they are going to. Moreover, employees are able to know their payrolls in advance and receive them easily.

How does DEKINES timesheets save your time?

A recent study demonstrated that on average, most businesses waste four hours a week on payroll, considering larger teams spend much more time. With DEKINES timesheets, it has been shown that companies can save 75% of that wasted time and just spend one hour a week on payroll. And of course, time is the most expensive resource.

Why should I use a timesheet to track employee working hours?

With DEKINES, there is a clock app that integrates with timesheets to automatically count the hours worked by each employee in a very easy way. All the employee has to do is clock in and out every shift and the hours worked are stored in timesheets. So when the employers want to send payrolls, they will find fair and accurate data stored in the timesheets. Also, employees can estimate their earnings by monitoring the hours worked.

Why should I use DEKINES time tracking and timesheets?

As discussed above, DEKINES time tracking and timesheets offer you exquisite features that make your company more productive, your business more successful, and eventually your life easier. With DEKINES, you can easily track time, know your employees’ locations, send alerts and notes to late or absent employees, create reports and analyses to improve your business, and finally send accurate and fair payrolls to your employees. All can be done anytime and anywhere through your device whether it is your computer or smartphone.

FAQS: TEAM COMMUNICATION APP OR collaborative scheduling

What is a team communication app?

A team communication app, a messaging app, or an instant messaging app is an application that allows users to send instant texts and share files. Some applications also allow sending voice or video messages and enable users to voice or video call. Examples include Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

DEKINES team messaging app helps your company streamline communication to one place to make sure your entire team is always connected.

Why should I use DEKINES team communication app?

DEKINES team communication app is unique, fast, and feature-rich. The application itself is easy to use and makes team communication fun and effective. Users can use the app to send private or group messages and notifications are sent instantly. Users send quick replies because they’re always on the app. In-app messages are free unlike if you send SMS via your mobile carrier. No need to share your phone number or Facebook accounts, so your personal information is always safe.

DEKINES team communication app is the best for your business since it integrates with DEKINES scheduling software. Users can send important information and data to each other so fast and then return to their duties fast on the same application.

When managers are creating schedules for their employees, they can leave messages or important notes for specific employees and they can view such notes when they start their shifts.

Also, managers can communicate with each other to discuss matters concerning scheduling, deadlines, goals, and maintenance.


What HR services do you need for your business?

Human resources or human capital are the group of people in your organization or company. It is the set of skills, knowledge, and workforce that drive your business to success. Good human resources mean you are on the right path to growth. Good human resources management means success. Some businesses are too small to hire an HR expert or manager. Some bigger businesses are having issues and gaps in HR management. But as we have discussed, it is essential for such businesses to properly handle their workforce. DEKINES offers the solution for both types of businesses. DEKINES makes it easier for you to manage your business operations. It is the best way to handle employee aspects such as job descriptions, hiring, tracking applicants, onboarding, performance reports, management, and much more.

DEKINES not only comes as a scheduling and time tracking software, but also as your best solution for HR challenges. You can benefit from our fantastic templates and libraries to organize your employees’ information. DEKINES also gives you the opportunity to contact HR experts for one-on-one mentorship.

Do I need HR software?

An HR software is most convenient for managers and business owners who don’t want to hire HR managers or have issues with their current HR management, but at the same time, they don’t have the skills or the time needed to properly handle their human capital. DEKINES HR program offers such managers and business owners multiple useful features and tools to perfectly manager their teams.

DEKINES HR helps you manage your employees’ data and management from before they become your employees. Since we know for sure that hourly workers are more prone to stay on their jobs and work better if their onboarding experience with their managers was efficient and professional, we always stress the importance of onboarding features. We have a great, proven-to-work onboarding strategy that makes your employees happy to join you.

We send invitations to newly hired employees to take part in self onboarding before they start working their first shift. We then send each new employee a welcome package that contains all the information they need to start working in your company. The package also contains every governmental law form that must be filled by new employees to be compliant.